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Bell 212 Main Transmission

PN 212-040-001-123

TSO 0.0 w/ 8130-3 from Able Engineering

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Bell 206 Freewheeling Unit

PN 206-040-270-009

TSO 0.0 w/ 8130-3 from Heliponents, Inc.

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Unfortunately, we do not have any aircraft for sale at this time. Please check back often, as circumstances do change. If you are looking for parts for a specific helicopter make or model, please visit the Check Our Stock Page. We have a huge parts inventory from top manufactures including AEC, Aerospatiale, Bell, Eurocopter, Hughes, MDHC, Lycoming, Rolls Royce, Schweizer, Sikorsky and many more—all provided at reduced prices!



These are just a few of the speciality items that we have in our inventory. Please contact us for more information regarding any of these items.


PN 23035178 A250-C30P Gearbox

TSI 0.0 - TSN 6784.7


365A23-3140-0252 Daulphin Tailboom


70BM055020 Arriel Module 5

TSO 0.0 - TSN 7010.55

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Dart 407 Cargo Accessories

Dart Cargo Pod (PN D407-627-013) and Cargo Basket (PN D407-663-011)


PN 206-050-287-101

Bell JetRanger Low Gear

Set with no Fairings $2500


PN 206-053-118-009

LongRanger Low Gear

2 Sets to Choose from






Ground Handling Wheels

Bell 206L Pan Style Floats


Also we have a fair selection of Bell 206B and Bell 206C factory ground handling wheels. Call for pricing.





5402-5 Aircraft Seat

PN 41228-200-004-001

ERA Auxilliary Fuel System

Bell 205, UH-1

$4000 OBO



 705A-1 Aircraft Seats